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Violence Prevention Australia Inc., 'VPA' is a non-profit charity, established in 2018 by a small group of concerned people working in the health, community and education sectors. Not comfortable with the rising toll of violence in our communities, particularly the underserved regional, rural and remote communities of Australia, VPA was established to develop resources, promote promising practices and best available evidence-based programmes, to make having conversations with everyone, including perpetrators and victim/survivors, easier.


We are aligned with the National Plan for the Prevention of Violence Against Women, Our Watch’s Change the Story and for First Nation Australian’s, Change the Picture, providing the overarching goals and framework for violence prevention in Australia.


VPA works with people in health and healing roles. Our aim is broad and not limited to domestic violence services. We include general practice and medical associations, women’s health, migrant and refugee services, community wellbeing practitioners, and carers, people working in local or state government, educators, university researchers and more. These people come to violence prevention from multiple disciplines and apply different approaches.


VPA is pushing the boundaries of who participates, the resources we use and even how we know and understand our interventions. Our focus on prevention is not limited to primary or tertiary work only, but seeks to influence behaviour and prevent violence before it occurs at the individual level– anticipatory prevention.


VPA offers training, resource and professional support, at the big and little ends of town- from corporate settings to those returning to community from prison, as violence knows no social boundary, profession, age, sex, race or creed.


VPA is governed by a Board of Directors, CEO and a non-executive committee of expert advisors.

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