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Training for health and healing workers

Learning to prevent violence happens in conversation between one caring practitioner with another, regardless of risk.


The video's here walk you through The Cooktown Ten, "C-10", a problem-structuring tool that explains factors behind drivers of violence and how to stop them from building to threshold levels. 

This video provides an overview of the C-10 tool in action. Use this 2-page step-by-step guide to learn the phases of the process. 

Be sure to contact us and let us know your experiences, challenges and achievements as you apply the C-10 in your practice. Further support is available. 

Introducing the C-10

Introducing the C-10

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Introducing you to the C-10

Dr Bill shares the C-10, and its ten elements. It was developed based on his years of using the C-10 with a range of clients and patients.